C’est le bouquet! | Bernardaud Porcelain Factory | Limoges, France | Ongoing through February 2018

Zemer is featured in the group exhibition C’est le bouquet!: When Flowers Inspire CeramicsC’est le bouquet! brings together seventeen ceramic artists that have created work using flowers as the primary inspiration. 

From Hélène Huret, director of the Fondation Bernardaud and exhibition curator and Joséphine Le Foll, author of the catalogue and art historian specializing in the floral painting genre and Renaissance art:

“Confined for centuries to vase bodies and plate rims, flowers are breaking out from the decorative arts to enrich contemporary art. The Fondation Bernardaud is presenting seventeen international artists, inspired by the floral theme, that have elected to work in ceramics, most of whom have never exhibited in France. The broad spectrum of ideas expressed in these pieces demonstrates that this ancient, timeless theme has an amazing ability to regenerate itself.” (from the Bernardaud exhibition page)

27 av. albert Thomas
Limoges, France