Exhibition at Fuller Craft Museum

I am excited to announce that my piece, Untitled 2, is currently on display at Fuller Craft in the Permanent Collection gallery exhibition “Tending the Fires: Recent Acquisitions in Clay” from August 17, 2019 - May 3, 2020.

Tending the Fires: Recent Acquisitions in Clay presents recent additions to Fuller Craft’s ceramic collection. Exhibited works represent a range of processes and conceptual approaches in clay, from Cheryl Ann Thomas’s slumped, coiled sculpture to Jun Kaneko’s painterly “dango” to Steven Young Lee’s deconstructed pot. Figuration also comes into play, with strong examples by Patti Warashina, Akio Takamori, and Tip Toland. Fuller Craft Museum is proud to shine a light on the clay triumphs of these renowned ceramicists while proudly displaying the institution’s recent collecting achievements.


Cool Clay at the Crocker Art Museum

I’m honored to be a part of the Crocker Art Museum’s Cool Clay exhibition! The exhibition is showing from July 21, 2019 through July 19, 2020 in Sacramento, CA.

From raw textures to meticulous details, to glazes bursting with color, the works in Cool Clay represent one of the most exciting and expansive fields of contemporary art. This exhibition highlights a selection of notable acquisitions that strengthen the Crocker Art Museum’s ceramics holdings in both diversity and scope, the majority by artists not previously represented in the permanent collection. These include influential figures like Rudy Autio, Jun Kaneko, Tony Marsh, Edwin Scheier, Nancy Selvin, and Akio Takamori, as well as more recent leaders like Peter Olson, Zemer Peled, Brian Rochefort, and Dirk Staschke. Although the artists pursue a great variety of approaches and techniques, each embraces the experimental and playful sensibility this versatile medium engenders. Spanning six decades of studio practice, this exhibition celebrates the ground-breaking achievements of 20th-century ceramists as well as those who today continue to reimagine the possibilities of working in clay.

The exhibit has been featured in Art Daily.

Crocker Art Museum

216 O Street

Sacramento, CA 95814


Source: https://www.crockerart.org/exhibitions/coo...

C’est le bouquet! | Bernardaud Porcelain Factory | Limoges, France | Ongoing through February 2018

Zemer is featured in the group exhibition C’est le bouquet!: When Flowers Inspire CeramicsC’est le bouquet! brings together seventeen ceramic artists that have created work using flowers as the primary inspiration. 

From Hélène Huret, director of the Fondation Bernardaud and exhibition curator and Joséphine Le Foll, author of the catalogue and art historian specializing in the floral painting genre and Renaissance art:

“Confined for centuries to vase bodies and plate rims, flowers are breaking out from the decorative arts to enrich contemporary art. The Fondation Bernardaud is presenting seventeen international artists, inspired by the floral theme, that have elected to work in ceramics, most of whom have never exhibited in France. The broad spectrum of ideas expressed in these pieces demonstrates that this ancient, timeless theme has an amazing ability to regenerate itself.” (from the Bernardaud exhibition page)

27 av. albert Thomas
Limoges, France


Sabbath: The 2017 Dorothy Saxe Invitational | The Contemporary Jewish Museum | San Francisco, CA | November 12, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Peled will be exhibiting in the 2017 Dorothy Saxe Invitational, with this 11th iteration focused around the theme of Sabbath.

“Inviting fifty-seven artists to comment on Sabbath—the day of rest—gives the diverse group an opportunity to examine the depth of the fourth commandment, its influences, and its universality. A pillar of many religions and a staple of the modern workweek, the ideas in the Sabbath are integral to how time is viewed.” (from thecjm.org)

The Contemporary Jewish Museum
736 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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From Funk to Punk | Everson Museum | Syracuse, NY | November 11, 2017 - April 15, 2018

Peled will be exhibited alongside the major West-Coast ceramicists in From Funk to Punk: Left Coast Ceramics, guest-curated by Peter Held.

From Funk to Punk: Left Coast Ceramics surveys the rich continuing history of California, Oregon, and Washington artists working in a wide variety of aesthetics, scale, and conceptual styles. The exhibition provides a survey of iconic works from the Museum’s collection beginning in the 1950s, to work created in today’s dynamic cultural and artistic landscape, capturing the spirit and innovations synonymous with West Coast art over the last six decades.” (from everson.org)

Everson Museum of Art
401 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13202